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The research page provides access to the collective archives

Each entry in the online catalogue is accompanied by digital images reproducing examples from the Giorgio Cini Foundation collections. There are many cases of entries with attached digital reproductions of photographs from several archives. Through the advanced research, the user can select the option “photographic archives” from the pull-down menu “other research criteria”. In this case the search results show all the entries with at least one attached photograph from the archives selected. Finding the relevant photograph is possible by choosing the option “Photographs” from the paragraph “Archives and reference documents”, once the full page of the entry has opened.

The entries compiled so far have been made available to scholars in the hope they will be useful research instruments, even though the project is still at the early stages. If users find any inaccuracies or mistakes in the data compiled, or if they wish to indicate updates or useful additional information, they are kindly invited to write to: