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The Giorgio Cini Foundation is located on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice.
Besides the monumental complex which used to be a Benedictine monastery, featuring Palladio’s Cloister and Refectory, Longhena’s Library and other works from great architects of the past, there are two other places on the Island: the Teatro Verde and the New Exhibition Centre.
The Teatro Verde, built in the 1950s with materials left over from the Island restoration, is an amphiteatre inspired to ancient teatri di verzura (vegetable theatres), featuring stepped rows of white Vicenza stone divided by box-hedges, in the heart of San Giorgio Maggiore park.
On the north-eastern side of the Island, a major restoration work has been carried out on the former warehouse building constructed at the turn of the 19th century for the free port on the island. In 2008 a new exhibition centre of over 1,000 square metres was created.
Oustide the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, the Giorgio Cini Foundation has another prestigious location: Palazzo Cini at San Vio, the 16th-century Venetian Palace overlooking the Grand Canal that used to be home to Vittorio Cini and his family. Palazzo Cini at San Vio Piano Nobile features permanent collections of notorious Tuscan and Ferrarese paintings.